Plan? What plan?

Sometimes we deviate from the plan, or there is no plan. Today being market day, the larder is somewhat bare, so last evening was supposed to be take-out night (at least in my feeble mind – did you know that communication is the bedrock of a marriage? I digress.), where we get something from the prepared foods department at Whole Foods or Gelson’s and bring it home for dinner. By late afternoon it became clear that dinner would have to be improvised. So it ended up looking very much like the Salade Niçoise from the day before, with some alterations. We had eaten all of the haricots verts, so I steamed some brussels sprouts that I found hiding in the back of the vegetable drawer. We only had enough tuna for one, so my wife got that and I made do with a couple of yummy leftover grilled shrimp and a bit of leftover grilled chicken. Finally, a couple of the avocados I picked up at the market on Saturday were ripe, so I sliced one and added it to the concoction. Now there really is almost nothing left in the fridge.

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