Cedar plank salmon

Dinner yesterday looks a lot like that from last week. This time the salmon is grilled on a cedar plank. The process is so easy: soak the plank in water for 2 hours or all day, place the plank on the preheated grill, when it starts to smoke place the fish (seasoned with salt and pepper) on the plank, cook with the grill lid down until the internal temp of the fish is 120 – 140, depending on your desired doneness. Keep a spray bottle of water or a squirt gun nearby in case of a flame up (obviously I didn’t follow my own advice).

We bought a whole side of a copper river king salmon at Bristol Farms a couple of weeks ago. I cut it into meal-for-two sized portions (for us this is 8 – 10oz.) and froze them – except for the piece we ate immediately.

Cedar plank Copper River king salmon with grilled lemon and carrots and steamed brussels sprouts; tossed salad.

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