Tuesday Dinner: Favorite Chicken; Salad Notes.

Dinner on Tuesday: Grilled lemon chicken with lemon-caper sauce, grilled onion, steamed broccoli, and our usual salad. This chicken preparation is one of my wife’s absolute favorites. I make it often – at least once every two weeks or so.

I included a few photos so you can see how we build up our salad from the bottom: make the dressing first (Dijon mustard vinaigrette); add the cut up tomato, avocado, radish, and cuke; and finally the greens go on top, and toss well. We eat this salad, with slightly varying ingredients depending on what we find at the market,

Olive oil, red wine vinegar, Grey Poupon mustard, salt and pepper.

Things I often add to our salad greens: tomato, radish, avocado, persian cucumber.

Salad ingredients, cut up and mixed with dressing.

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